Facts You May Want To Know When Migrating To Canada

Many people are planning to migrate to another country for a number of different reasons. And one of the most common countries that people want to migrate to is Canada. If you are among those who plan to relocate in this beautiful country, you may want to know some facts about Canada below.

– Canada is the most educated country in the world. As stated, 50% of its population have college degrees.
– Canada’s coastline is the largest in the world.
– The longest international border in the world is in Canada.
– Canada means “village” in Iroquoian language.
– Canada was invaded by the USA twice and actually won twice.

These are only some of the facts that you may want to know when planning to migrate in Canada. There are some other important facts about Canada and knowing these is actually a bug advantage.

Trivia Info Resource: www.pathwayvisas.com


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