The Most Popular Writers In The World

More and more people today love reading books. The enjoyment and excitement that reading books gives really adds flavor to your everyday life. However, it still depends on the kinds of books you read and the knowledge and experience of the writers.

For most people, before picking up a book from the bookstore, checking out who the author is, is very important. Check out below the most popular writers of all time.

  • William Shakespeare. People from different parts of the world, both young and old know who William Shakespeare is. He is considered as the best and most popular writer ever lived. He is also known as the national Poet of England.
  • Charles Dickens. It was his books entitled The Pickwick papers that made him very popular even across the international borders in 1836.
  • George Orwell. He is a known English novelist and journalist who contributed greatly in English literature. Homage to Catalina is one of his great works
  • K. Rowling. The famous Harry Potter writer is a British who was born in Gloucestershire, England. She is best known for her 7-series book “Harry Potter” which was adapted into a movie series as well.

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