Facts In Interior Design Psychology

When it comes to interior designing, colors can greatly affect the result. An excellent combination of colors can make a space more functional, beautiful, and even bigger. Be reminded that different color can greatly affect appetites, emotions, moods, and many more.

The Psychology Of Colors

ColorsRed – It evokes strong emotions. Since it encourages appetite, most restaurants make use of red in their ads or signage. Red roses, on the other hand, symbolize love. Studies show though that red can make you do poorly on exams since it is oftentimes associated with the danger of failure in achievement contexts. Also, it evokes avoidance motivation.

Blue – This is the color that is most preferred by men. It is usually associated with serenity or calmness, peace and water. Also, it is often used in offices since most individuals are more productive in blue rooms.

Yellow – This color usually strains the eye or perhaps causes eye fatigue. It actually makes a baby to cry. Thus, parents are advised not to paint their baby’s room yellow as they are more prone to crying. But for kitchens, this is the color of choice since it increases metabolism, brightens a room, and provides you energy.

Green – Since it symbolizes health and tranquility, it is usually the color of choice for bedrooms. This is also great for offices since studies show that workers in green workplace have fewer stomach aches.

White – This is a great option if you want to create the illusion of space.

Trivia Info Resource: oceana-gulf.com


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