Must-Knows About Stair Climber Equipment

Stair ClimberDid you know that stair climbing can burn twice as many calories than other activities or sports? Apart from that, stair climbing will require lesser time to do similar intensity of a workout. For instance, same workout intensity of a 30-minute run per day can be achieved with a 15-minute stair climbing. Indeed, stair climbing is a total body workout. It is for this reason that the stair climber machine was created.

How Stair Climber Machines Came About

These machines were first launched at the National Sporting Goods Association in 1983. The StairMaster 5000, which is the very first stair climber machine, was just in the dreams of Lanny Potts. It was Tri-Tech Inc, an Oklahoma company that produced it. When it was launched, the StairMaster was a machine featuring a rotating staircase which maintained the speed that a user wanted to travel to simulate climbing stairs.

In 1985, Nautilus Northeast took over the distribution of these machines. It was in 2002 that Tri-Tech was acquired by Nautilus, Inc.

Over the years, there have been various models of the StairMaster. In 1984, the StairMaster 6000 was launched – a heart rate monitor and a printout of a user’s workout summary were added. After a year, a running simulator cartridge was added to the program.

StairMaster 4000 PT was launched in 1986. This was otherwise known as the two-pedal version of the StairMaster.  In 1988, the Gauntlet or StepMill was launched. This is a machine that created an effect of walking up an escalator which is moving down.

Today, you can already choose from a lot of stair climber models featuring a wide range of features.

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