Must-Knows About Coolum

Did you know that Coolum appeared to have been derived from local Aboriginal word “kulum” or “gulum” which means “headless” or “blunt”? This actually refers to the shape of Mount Coolum which has no peak. Based on Aboriginal legend, Ninderry knocked off Coolum’s head and it fell into the ocean – and it is now called “Mudjimba Island”.

Other Interesting Facts About Coolum

CoolumMount Coolum is actually a volcanic plug. It is 681 feet high which rises from the coastal plain. Some parts of its base are projecting into the ocean in order to form Point Arkwright.

The Coolum district was the traditional land of the “Inabara” clan of the Undanbi tribe of Aboriginal people. After the arrival of Europeans, the clan diminished. It was possible that the remaining members of this clan were moved to Aboriginal settlements like Cherbourgh during the early 1900s.

Today, the scenery of Mount Coolum is just a tiny part of what makes it very special as among the best attractions in Sunshine Coast. It will actually just take 30 minutes for physically fit individuals to walk and is somewhat easy to climb towards the top. You must know that Mount Coolum is home to more than 40 different species of ferns. For most plant lovers, Mount Coolum is among the best destinations to visit.

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