Frightening Facts About First Aid

First aid is the term use to describe the initial care for an injury or illness. This is usually performed by non-expert yet trained personnel until medical treatment becomes accessible. Oftentimes, basic principle of first aid is learned through life experiences. But in order for you to provide efficient, life-saving first aid interventions, you will need to undergo proper first aid training.

Scary Statistics On First Aid

  • First AidDid you know that in as little as one inch of water, children can actually drown?  Also, there are 500,000 children under 5 years of age who go to casualty as a result of various accidents in the home.
  • 140,000 people die annually in situations where first aid could have saved their lives – this is indeed the same number of people dying because of cancer.
  • It will take about 8 minutes for an ambulance to arrive but it will only take less than 4 minutes for a blocked airway to kill a child.
  • Half of the deaths caused by road traffic accidents happen before emergency services arrive. It is highly emphasized that among the preventable deaths, 85% could have been saved if first aid had been given before medical help has arrived.

With such statistics, health experts from all around the world emphasized the need for every human being to be knowledgeable of providing basic first aid.

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