The Basic Parts Of A Watch

Many people today still love to wear watches even with all their gadgets having built-in clocks in them. Indeed, wearing a watch these days is not only for knowing the time but also for fashion. The designs of the watches today vary on people’s different fashion tastes. However, a watch was actually invented mainly for knowing the time. Below are the basic parts of a watch.

– Hour mark. These are marks which indicate the hour. Usually, they are numbers, lines or dots.

– Hour hand, minute hand and second hand. They have specific speeds which are synchronized to display correct time. Some watches do not have a second hand.

– Case. Depending on the brand, the watch case is made with high quality craftsmanship. Often, cases are made with stainless steel while there are also those that are made from pure gold and platinum.

– Crown. This part of the watch lets you control the hands and the calendar as well if there is.

These are the basic parts of the watch. Although most watches today have many other parts such as the brand logo mark, calendar window and the different types of straps, the above-mentioned parts are the most important ones.

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