Must-Knows About New Zealand

New Zealand is a nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of 2 main island and other smaller ones. The Maori are its first inhabitants – they came from Polynesia during A.D. 1200’s. The first Europeans to see the island were Abel Tasman, a Dutch sea captain in 1642 and Captain James Cook, a British navigator in 1769. The country was actually named for the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Facts About New Zealand

SheepsPeople – Plenty of New Zealanders are of British descent. About ¾ of the population lives on the North Island while ¼ on the larger South island.

Language And Religion – Maori and English are the official languages of New Zealand. As for religion, major religious organizations in this country include the Presbyterian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, and the Methodist Church.

Education – The government provides free education for children whose ages range from 3-19. Education is actually compulsory for children ages 6-10; however, most kids enter school by the age of 5.

Natural Resources – Coal it he country’s most valuable mineral. 1/3 usually comes from around Greymouth on the South Island.

Agriculture – Livestock raising is the basis of the economy of the country. Because of this, pasture grasses are considered the main crop grown on most farms.

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