Special Effects In Cinema

DirectorToday, anyone can watch a movie or a video whenever he or she wants to because of the advent of the Internet and the affordability of watching it in cinemas. Indeed, cinema without any special effects will not hold any kind of fascination. Good thing people stumbled over special effects by chance in 1894.

The Discovery Of Special Effects

It was Georges Méliès, a director, who first discovered special effects. He had been filming a movie when a camera stopped working. It took a couple of minutes to free the tangle; however, by that time the cars and people have already moved. He continued filming. He was indeed surprised when he later saw the filmed film because men had turned into women and the bus had turned into a hearse. And this was the beginning of special effects in films.

After that, he was able to convince several actors to act for 10 frames. After which, the frames were spliced and pasted in order to provide special effects to the film. Sound effects came afterwards.

In 1913, Willis O’Brien used transparency in order to put the images of actors on the actual film.

Trivia Info Resource: xwavemedia.com


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