Photography Trivia: Did You Know?

great photgraphPhotography is an art of creating resilient images. Using the lens of the camera to focus on the subject, an image is produced and displayed in the screen. This form of art can be done by anyone. Even young people can take pictures. Some have natural abilities to take the most breathtaking picture while others invest in photography classes and the like.

Photography is a wonderful art that anyone can appreciate. Here are some trivia that you’d find interesting about it too:

  • Sepia is a common edit you see on your camera or your mobile phone. But in the earlier days, pictures have the sepia look because it allows it to last longer.
  • Johann Zahn invented the first camera in 1865.
  • The legendary company Kodak got its name for a very simple reason, George Eastman, the owner, liked the letter K.
  • You can swap a Nikon and a Canon camera lens. But it doesn’t go both ways. You can use the lens of a Nikon on Canon using an adapter, but you can’t use the lens of Canon on a Nikon.
  • The first photography studio was opened in 1840 by Alexander S Wolcott and John Johnson in New York.

Trivia info source: Cherish You Portraits


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