Must-Knows About Masonry

Bricks are used for many years already. In fact, masonry experts say that this is the most eco-friendly material for construction. Some of the most common bricks are made from clay. Today, creative brick builders made sewage sludge and petro-soils based bricks.

Interesting Facts About Bricks And Masonry

MasonryDid you know that the minerals used to create a brick will establish its color? For example, red bricks are due to the iron along with the temperature level that was used to create it. Know that higher temperatures will create darker hues.

Bricks are very durable – they can hold out against intense weather conditions like strong winds and storm. Also, they can greatly hold within themselves as the sun burns down. The brick will only let go of this energy when the sun goes down.

A mason is someone who works with brick or stone. He knows various patterns, colors, and textures to create a beautiful product.

Masonry is anything that is constructed of the materials like brick, block, and stone. Masonry does not support mold growth, limits moisture penetration, water and insect resistant, and can easily be recycled.

Did you know that bricks have frogs? “Frog” is the term used to describe the indentation in the surface of some bricks. Until now, there is still a debate on why it is called a frog.

The Great Pyramid of Giza made use of 2,300,000 blocks of stones. The Great Wall of China, on the other hand, used 3.8 billion of bricks.

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